So, after 2 months in America we are headed home!!!!
I can't express him happy I am to be able to see my people again.

Originally we were heading home the 15th of October, our plans were changed when we became home sick for the people, the language and  , our wonderful dog Zoi!!!!

Whilst in America we stayed in a trailer on the back lot of the church.
It was tight and internet-less ;(

I had the opportunity to visit Texas Independent Baptist Seminary And School; and I also had the pleasure of meeting with Pastor Bob Gray 2 and I found him to be gracious and kind and a sincere man.

My mother and I stayed in the women's dorm whilst my dad stayed in the men's; I found it all quite to my liking.

I also was given the privilege of attending some of the music classes and I have decided to make my major educational and minor in music.

God blessed me with seeing my friend Beth Rasbeary; and I enjoyed fellowship over shopping and a Starbucks drink;)

Also God allowed me to see Rebekah and Emily Beth's sisters.
And I enjoyed spending time throwing around a football and laughing crazily as if we came from a home. (Well I did any way;D)

Mollie  a good friend of mine from my home Church spent time with me laughing like  idiots and being dorks.(love you Mollie)

I was so happy to see my sweet brothers Cody and Joshua!!!!
And sadly Josh beat me at glow in the dark put put but (happy day) I sorta bear Cody at soccer(can you beat your own team mate????)

If I were to be honest my favorite part of the trip was spending time with my wonderful grandma,Mammy!!!!!
We shopped till she dropped, we joked till we chocked, and we smiled till it were time to say goodbye.

You don't know what it's like to leave a loved one and go to a foreign country; to be friendless to the point where you would nearly go crazy.

To say good bye to some one and lose them while on the field and be unable to go home to attend their funeral because you can't afford to leave the ministry.

Well, luckily though I have faced those thing and much more(you don't know pain until you are miles away from your crush!!!) I have a way of making it seem good:

1.i was only 2 when I came to Croatia so I was not attached to my family.

2. I may not of had friends such as piers but I had Jesus.( and lucky for me I was already crazy) oh, btw my not having friends didn't mess me up!!!! It strengthened me to depend on Jesus and not on giggly worldly girls who do nothing more than gossip and talk about boys as in a fleshly fashion.

3. As I said I wasn't attached, and God gave me a family in Croatia that I could love and sadly he took some away. At least I had someone to care for.

4. Oh and I got over my crushes!
I didn't become tempted to do something foolish.

This had nothing to do with any thing but I felt like venting I hope you didn't mind.

A final word to missionary girls around the world.

Don't let the Devil give you hatred for no reason!!!!
Fight the devil and use the time to draw closer to God( I wish I did sooner )

Oh, back to America; currently we are about to arrive at the airport in Newark and then from their we have a 3 hour layover, and then we head to Brussels, and then to Zagreb!!!!

I don't know when I'll post this but any way God bless.

The Lord has a plan, so don't demand, a life of leisure like Julius Caesar,
Be obedient to Jesus,
And maybe you'll find; he'll not show wrath but, show in you he's kind.