3 things I love about my best friend!!!!


Me and my best friend Beth!!!

(drum roll)
Ok so here they are:
1. She always share in my crazy-ness!
2. She smooths out my crazy-ness with her smooth-ness.
3. She has known me since she was born. and she hasn't backed out on our best friend truce.
(I can't figure that one out)

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If you have ever aborted a pregnancy , then you have committed murder.(and I mean the doctors too)
If you have ever  told someone that you have never killed you are a liar.
If you have ever felt that 2nd heart beat and still decided to kill that unborn babe,then how can you say, "It's not alive until it's born?" You just felt it's heart beat and you dare say that baby was not alive!!!

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Is it me or is it HOT!!!!

Man here in Europe we are reaching the boiling point!!
Outside it is 90 degrees.
I might just die!!!!!
Any well I heard a pastor once ask God if he could experience hell.
God is definitely letting us.
Last night I slept down stairs in the cool basement.
I felt so much better.

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Miss sue I need you!!!!


Miss sue,
We are praying for you,
You mean so much to us,
How can I live without you,
Your kind words,
Your tender voice,
It's the reason kids choose to make Jesus their choice,
You're always kind,
And oh so caring.
Without you I can't get my bearing.
You are wonderful and I'll just say Jesus please don't  take miss Sue away,
She always love me when I'm good and when I'm bad and don't do the things I should.
She always cares enough to say Why don't you come to tea someday,
Life is better with you around,
But if you go I won't frown.

 'Cause I know where you're going.
It is good you'll go with us knowing,
You'll be with Jesus in His mansion,
Walk on streets of purest gold,
Sing with the angles,
have a new body.
Miss Sue I love you.
But one day you'll wear a golden crown.

I want to challenge every one around the world pray for miss Sue!!!!
She is the sweetest most wonderful faithful God fearing woman!!!!!
And She needs PRAYERS!!!!

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