The best, and I do mean best Chocolate mug brownie!!!!


Ok, I have been a naughty naughty blogger. I have been unfaithful to m followers and I oppologize.
But to start back on a sweet note I have found the sweetest, tastiest, moistest and not to mention the easiest mug brownie recipe ever!!!!! 
It makes enough for two people so you need either a bowl, a large mug, or two separate mugs.

At first when I made this I was out of milk so I used half heavy cream and half water and it turned out perfect!

Let's jump right into it!

You will need:

4 tbsp flour
3 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp cocoa powder 
2 tbsp egg (slightly beaten)
3 tbsp oil 
3 tbsp milk
2 tbsp chocolate chips (Optional) 
Note: if you want to flavor it up a bit you can use flavored chocolate (I used mint)

In a large mug mix all the dry ingredients together then add the wet ingredients. Add the chocolate chips or chopped up chocolate bar a fold them in.
Microwave for about 1:30 minutes then check for done ness, continue microwaving it abou 10-15 secs at a time until it's done don't forget a under done brownie is a good brownie.  Stop! If you're following this recipe then take a second and breathe deaply in, smell the awesomeness!!!

Top with either cold ice cream or whipped cream I you wan to.

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  1. Are you able to get angel food cake mix? There's a 3-2-1 cake that uses an angel cake mix mixed with your choice of another cake mix. Use 3 Tblsp. of the mix, 2 Tblsp. water, and pop it in the microwave for 1 minute. Divine! :)

  2. YUM! I have given up chocolate for Lent in order to teach myself discipline and self control. And today my husband bought several boxes of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies!!