I got a job and what to expect with your first fast food job,


So I have decided to go ahea and get a job for college. Well the seconded day I put applications in I got a job! I asked for an application at Chickfila in Mansfield TX on broad street, and the manager asked if he could interview me. Well, he did and said i would be great then he ordered my gear and two weeks later I'm a working girl.
One huge note I need to add for fast food workers is that you will get a job but won't start for at least a week; because they have to order you non slip shoes and those take about a week.
Another note is that when picking out shoes don't go for the cute ones, go for the shoes that are most likely to make you comfortable. Ex: I ordered some ballet looking shoes with a thick soul but because they stop right at my knuckles the gave me discomfort from the rubbing, as with tennis shoe types that come pass your ankle you won't face that problem.
I work the cash register and te dining room right now and the key for both jobs is to not only smile with your teeth but also with your eyes; most people can sense a fake smile and the key is to get the mindset of a friendly person.

Don't be afraid to connect with people unless they obviously don't want to talk. Most people will enjoy a smile and a gesture of welcome such as "are u having a good day?" Or if they are dressed in a particular work uniform you can ask ,questions about the job.
Yes I learned all this today!

I worked with Kids in Croatia so I love the kid friendly invitonment  that we offer, a good way to connect with parents is to connect with their kids. I asked the kids such questions today as, "How do like our freshly squeezed lemonade" and " what do you think of our ice cream."

I made sure today that I help people with trays,lg orders and high chairs. This gives them a welcoming feeling and makes you feel pretty awesome to go the extra mile.

Anywho there are my tips and overview of my first day at work, do you work at a fast food restraunt? I'd love to hear all about your tip down below!


  1. Chick Fil A is one of my favorite places to eat because the staff are so friendly. I like it when they say, "its my pleasure" when you thank them. Is this a company policy? They all say it at the drive through so that is why I thought it might be policy. I look forward to hearing about your life here in the US. I am sure it is very different than Croatia.

  2. Congratulations on finding a job and going the extra mile! I'm sure you will be well appreciated for you diligence.