Happy new year!


I can't really believe that it is 2014!
I've had a blessed year and I hope to have another.
It is 1:30 am New Year's Day.
I'm in bed and i just got off the phone with my 6 year old cousin Kaitlyn to wish her a happy 6th birthday.
And I'm going to bed.
God bless and Happy New Year!!!!

My theme song!


So True: He's been Faithful to me.

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Makeup Time!


So last night we had a Mexican fiesta/Christmas party and my friend Trinity (14) let me do her makeup, and here is what I came up with I think it's pretty in a worldly kind of way.(wouldn't ever do it on myself because it's just wrong but it's pretty)
Well then I let her do mine,

Then my friends Ally(10) and Erin (12)
Did mine.
We had fun though.

It's that....


Time Of Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So,We have 


I cant wait!!!!
I have bought my families entire load of Christbirth preasents and some thing more!

Every Christmas we wake up early and all gather on the couch in the living room, take out our Bibles and Daddy reads us the Christmas story.
After that we open Stockings and then mom and dad open their presents first and then us.

I remember one year when when my brothers were here before they left for college, us kids had been waiting for ever to open our gifts, and we rushed down stairs and mom and dad were their and dad mentioned he didn't have his Bible.
Automatically out of childhood reflex we all shot for the door.
But now it's not the same.
My Brothers are gone.
For some time I have been without my oldest bro. Cody.
But this is my first Christmas without either of my brothers.
I don't know what to expect.
If anyone knows what I'm going through please comment and let me
know how you deal with the pain.

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How to make Compact powder!


I've been trying to create my own compact tinted powder but, I've been hitting rock bottom.
Until the other day.
I had been messing with the idea of using Baby powder for the powdery part of it, and then adding my foundation and\or BB Cream.
And I have been amazed with the final result.
It's softer then store bought stuff, not to mention cheaper.
So watch my video and enjoy your results.
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My acne story...


When I was 12 I started puberty.
Right then I started getting pimples and acne spots.
Since then I've tried every thing,to get rid of them.
I've tried store bought products,facemasks, I even tried steaming.
Nothing worked for me it was always a little better but my acne was still clearly visible.
So after watching multiple YouTube videos I finally found something....a comment on one of the videos said..rubbing alcohol will take it away fast.
So I tried it and my acne is getting easier to cover up.
I even go to the store with out makeup sometimes.
I keep telling myself that if people want to be my friends it will be cause of my heart not perfect skin.
So if you have acne try rubbing alcohol.
Apply it all over your face before bed, in the morning use a wipe to remove it and apply moisturizer and your makeup and do this until your acne is gone.

Top ten fav beginner makeup products +bonus!!


Ok so I know it is hard to find good inexpensive makeup products when u first start wearing make up.
I mean when I first started wearing makeup( July,8,2013) I had no idea what:eye shadow,liner,lip junk,blush,foundation. Powder,and concealer I should buy.

But I searched around and found different products that I liked.  I went to different stores and tried out new things. I'd get allowance  And the first thing I'd do was buy some make up so I can try out my options.
So as I found things I thought eventually I would do a blog post about what I found 
So here's that post.

First face,instead of an expensive foundation I suggest an inexpensive BB cream.
The one I'm demonstrating is from Garnier and is around $10, but a little goes a long way it would last up to a year.(the tube I mean)lol
It also gives excellent coverage.

Cover stick!

The one i bought  is from essence it only costed me $4. Gives decent coverage.(if you are looking for very high coverage products don't look here the products  I'm giving you aren't exactly the best coverage but they give good coverage for a moderate acne, if you have high acne and are looking for more expensive ,higher coverage products, then buy Mac, revlon or cover girl.)
But this cover stick is pretty good.

I love this soft high coverage powder, it makes my skin soft...the powder in the photo above is homemade powder I'll post it soon. $4

This silky touch blush looks very very natural.
You will see that the blush is also from essence.(favorite brand,$3

Eye shadow!
This brand is from B pretty.
It cost around $3 and it comes in a palate  of 4.
I've had since July.

My liner is from catrice.
I got it for $1 and I love it I some times just wear it and mascara.

Of course ESSENCE!
It looks very pretty and is not too dark.$3

Lip stuff,2 products.
My lip stick is from essence and it is so soothing to my dry lips.
They have a big variety to choose from and I just love it!!!!
And maybellines lip stain.
Mine is very used.(ignor the tube)
This lip stain cost about $2 and is very easy to apply.
What I like about this one is it doesn't dry automatically so if you mess up its easy to correct.
Now for the BONUS!!!!!!!;0

This is my makeup today:
Cute huh?
My skin looks oily cause of the flash.

I love the natural eyes with blue liner.

Here are the products I used:

Maybellines 200 brownie points eye shadow.
(Also the light color in the b pretty green palate.) $2

Deborah milanos paste eye shadow stick in the shade turquoise.
I love it and it is water proof.
And of corse mascara.

And there it is.
Hope you enjoy I paired it with my maybelline lip stain.

Comment and tell me what your favorite drug store products are;-P

18 Random acts of kindness countdown! No.1

Okay, so I am counting down 'till Christmas/or Christbirth if you prefer(Since the mas in Christmas does come from the catholic Sunday tradition)
So I thought it would be allot of fun to do a 18 random acts of kindness countdown!
So here we go, No.1
Today I cleaned the kitchen, dining room, and the living room spotless.
My mom doesn't have time to do it and any time I can save her goes a long way.
So I was going to do a before and after picture shoot but my mom said, "I wouldn't want people to come over with my house a mess much less see it."lol
So I will let you see pictures of after i cleaned the living room.
That's about it!
If you want to join me in this awesome Christmas countdown leave a comment  and I'll put a link to your blog for you guys to join me.
And every day I am also doing a your favorite Christmas tradition countdown, so every day if you guys could leave a comment telling me your favorite Christmas tradition that would be awesome.

(comment to this post and every day I'll quote some one new.)
Have a blessed day and keep smiling.


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Thank you Lord!!!!


About a week ago I joined Sarah: Sarah's blog;)
In the 30 days of thanks and wow!
I can only do it today but here are my 30;)

1 Jesus Christ!!!
2 Mom and dad
3 Josh and Cody
4 Irish music!!!!!!
5 Salvation
6 My Croatian church family
7 Croatia!!
8 The many blessings I have
9 Pinterest
10 my violin.
11 Madi and Kati
12 my iPhone
13 Elizabeth Rasbeary
14 Makeup
15 My dog Zoi
16 getting to move
17 The Frazier family!!!!!!
18 the Telebar family.
19. Smiles
20 music
21 gifts
22 Calvary
23 the Bible
24 comfort
26 my Turquoise and green room.
27 Nutella
28 the new house we're getting!!!
29 grandparents
30. All of my followers(all 4) lol

That sums it up, if you would like to here about our house keep watching in 2 weeks I'll post it😄
Keep smiling!

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Ain't that sickening!


Okay, so I have horrible news for me and everyone else out there.
I'm Sick!!!!!
It first started yesterday evening, I went to bed with a sore throat; of course I thought nothing it, I mean sore throats are part of Fall\Winter.
In the middle of the night I woke up not being able to find a comfortable spot in my bed because every way I turned my bones ached I mean from my pinky toe to my Cranium,PAIN.
Well after trying to find a comfortable spot for about 1 hour I found one but I couldn't fall asleep!
So 7+ hours were spent just laying in a pool of pain.
Well I ended up falling half asleep and....Waking up the next morning feeling Blah!
I went to my moms room and woke her up so she could get me some Tylenol.
I then went down stairs and sat in my dads recliner until......I felt something in my stomach moving, I rushed to the bathroom and you guys can guess what happened next. Ewwwwww!

I came up stairs and my mom gave me some Tylenol.
Well after falling asleep and waking up again in a sweat, (from the fever breaking.)
I felt pretty good and I decided to be productive, so I brushed my teeth, did my hair, put perfume on and decided to write a post.
And now I'm not feeling so hot so I'm gonna go wallow in self pity.

If any of you are Prayer warriors please pray that I'll be better eventually soon.

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How to boost your confidence with preforming in front of people!


Ok so this morning I played "Amazing grace," on my violin at our church.
I was so nervous I thought I might cry!
I mean it's so easy to mess up especially with sweaty hands that slip and slide.
So here are some things I did to boost my confidence and to hold in my , um....sweat.
1.I wore a bright colored purse, bright colors make you happy or at least me.
2.I wore high heals, cause when I get nervous I slouch and they help me to stand tall and feel almost powerful over my nervousness.
3.I kept calm...cool...and collect.
These 3 little words come from a song from a movie called "Miss London Ltd."
Here is the song...

Basically keep calm, don't lose your cool, and collect on the blessings you'll be given for serving the Lord.

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My pastors daughter Megi!!!

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What's for breakfast?


I can't quite put into words how much I love chili.
I mean it's not good for you.
But I just love it sooo much!
That random.

Mamadows homemade chili recipe.


So today is a cold day so I have kept myself busy making my moms awesome chili recipe.
Here it is:
2 460 g cans of red beans
2 460 g cans of white kidney beans
4 table spoons chili mix (below)
1 table sp pepper flakes
450 g of ground beef 
2 250 g cans of sliced tomatoes in juice
(To taste)
Onions 2 medium

Chili seasoning:
Original recipe makes 0.75 cupChange Servings


  1. In a bowl, stir together flour, chili powder, red pepper, onion, garlic, sugar, cumin, parsley, salt, basil and pepper. Store in an airtight container.

In a skillet sautée the meat and onions until brown.

Next transfer to a big pot and add all the beans (with juice) and the tomato stuff.
Add the chili powder stuff the pepper flakes and every thing else, mix until combined. (Don't over mix or else it will turn to mush.)

Let cook for about 30 minutes then dish up for your lovely family.
Additional salt may be needed;-)

Serve with some saltine crackers and a generous (tub) helping of sour cream!
Add some grated chees if you like and you can also can it for little TV dinners.

Is it really....snow?;()

I just left for the store and as I was going there I saw something white fall from the sky.
I disregarded it and then all of the sudden another one fell,
 At that I realized that it was a snow flurry!!!!
Not much but the beggining of a white Christmas.!!!!!!

My purity ring.....


Ok, so while we were in Rome my daddy bought me a purity ring. He told me that he'd give it to me when we could be alone.
Well tonight we went to a nice Italian restaurant called the Rustica and got some coffee and some crepes.
Well the entire drive to the restaurant it was quiet the only thing we managed to talk about was how nervous we were.
We reached the Rustica and he kindly opened the door."
Later.....we sat in the old Italian restaurant staring each other down.
After muttered remarks about the  weather, school, and how nice the waiter is I decided to open up the whole ordeal, "PappaJay," I said  that's what I call my daddy. "I wrote some thing for you," I grabbed the piece of paper I had brought with me, and unfolded it, then with tear brimmed eyes I began to read it, " to my dearest darling PappaJay, from you daughter Nan.
I vow to you to stay pure.
I vow that my first kiss will be on my wedding day,
That my first child will come from my husband by marriage.
And like the infinity sign on this ring stand for never ending, I vow to never end this commitment to stay pure to you, God, and my future husband.
Just remember PappaJay that I will always be your little girl." At the end of my serimonius speech me and PappaJay     
Had tears in our eyes.
Then came his turn. He had me vow to stay pure and to trust him and let him have a say so in the man I marry.
Then he placed the ring on my finger.
The rest of the evening we talked about my growing up and college and I made more vows to him.
We came home and that's the end of it.
So I hope you enjoyed my story of my purity ring




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Link up!

I was gonna post about Italy, but I decided to give you a link to my moms post.
Click here!!!!

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What to do, what to do? Or rather what to talk about.


So we are home as you already know.
Tomorrow the Frazier family leave.:(
I can't believe it has already been two weeks since they came.
24 days until Thanksgiving, and 31 days until Christmas, If you can believe it.

Please comment below on how your Thanksgiving went, after Thanksgiving.

Gotta go I will post Italy pictures soon.

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Home sweeeet home!


Just got back from Italy and I am so happy to understand an actual language.
We saw Piza, Venice, Rome and the coast of Croatia.
I have pictures but I don't have time to upload them now.
Look at my google + pictures.
Later gator,

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Bonjour no!


Hello from the hotel room of the golden tulip hotel.
After a long night of blistered feet sore joints and a terrible sleep, I decided to talk about my current stay in Italy!
First we traveled 5 hours to the main square, " San Marco".
It was a wonderful experience until we got lost.:(
I bought a snow globe, for my collection, and some post cards for my BFF and my brothers.
We ate at a little Italian pizzeria and grill called,"Mori,", and let's say that U.S.A and the pizza you get in my neck of the woods is better.
Today we travel to Piza,Italy.
About 3 hours away.
Gotta go.
So I hope I was the only person to sleep ala, hard mattress. ;^D
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