From Thanksgiving to Christmas!


So I hope you all had a very nice thankful Thanksgiving!
I certainly did.
We had 2 missionary helpers over to celebrate Gods blessings the day after since we have church on Thanksgiving day.
The man with the bunny ears is the incomparable Sam Ward, and the kind miss on the left is the sweet and talented Melissa Houston. Check her out!

Many delicious pies were made for the celebration:
At the end(right)is a walnut pie made by me, it was made because pecans are so expensive!
Then following it is a Low-Stinkin' Carb Pumpkin cheese cake made by my mommy!
Then a not low carb peanut butter pie. (me)
Then I had made some banana bread the day before and I laid that out along with homemade apple butter(mommy)

And the feast was pretty amazing too!

Well after the day was through my mom and me were naturally tired from all the cooking and the cleaning so we waited until today to set things up and sadly I don't have pics of our house and its decorations but I do have my rooms decor!
I have never decorated my room for Christmas because, well I don't really know why.

 But this year I went as far as setting up a 6 FT tree!
SO here's a picture of the tree when it was finished.
I had rainbow lights, tincil, ribbons and beads to add  to my Christmas Creation ;D
I snapped a picture of it in the dark so you could see how pretty it is.

I have a collection of Snow globes from the different places I have visited.
This one however did not come from my travels. it came from the Homegoods store!
It has engraved pictures from Paris on all sides and it is a silver-ish material.

Any who I found way to use them,
and here,
And I used some garland as well
I loved ^ this Idea i used a music box and a Snow globe to hold it up:D
I also used garland to decorate my bed and add another level of Christmasy 
And of course I had to add some tencil!
That is it for this post.
My pictures didn't turn out the best but, hey I tried.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love your snow globe collection Hannah! I collect Santas, Snow Men and Nativity sets.

  2. It looks like you had quite the delicious feast for Thanksgiving :) And your Christmas decorations are simply lovely! My son and I decorated our home today with Christmas pretties - oh, how I love this time of the year.

    Hugs and blessings!

  3. Your heart radiates gratitude and a sweet spirit! I love your room decorations! How fun to decorate a bedroom! I have never thought to have my girls do that...hmmm ....might just have to do that :)

  4. I love your room Hannah. I think I like your lights better than our white ones. BTW, there was nothing stinkin' about that low carb cheese cake!!