From Thanksgiving to Christmas!


So I hope you all had a very nice thankful Thanksgiving!
I certainly did.
We had 2 missionary helpers over to celebrate Gods blessings the day after since we have church on Thanksgiving day.
The man with the bunny ears is the incomparable Sam Ward, and the kind miss on the left is the sweet and talented Melissa Houston. Check her out!

Many delicious pies were made for the celebration:
At the end(right)is a walnut pie made by me, it was made because pecans are so expensive!
Then following it is a Low-Stinkin' Carb Pumpkin cheese cake made by my mommy!
Then a not low carb peanut butter pie. (me)
Then I had made some banana bread the day before and I laid that out along with homemade apple butter(mommy)

And the feast was pretty amazing too!

Well after the day was through my mom and me were naturally tired from all the cooking and the cleaning so we waited until today to set things up and sadly I don't have pics of our house and its decorations but I do have my rooms decor!
I have never decorated my room for Christmas because, well I don't really know why.

 But this year I went as far as setting up a 6 FT tree!
SO here's a picture of the tree when it was finished.
I had rainbow lights, tincil, ribbons and beads to add  to my Christmas Creation ;D
I snapped a picture of it in the dark so you could see how pretty it is.

I have a collection of Snow globes from the different places I have visited.
This one however did not come from my travels. it came from the Homegoods store!
It has engraved pictures from Paris on all sides and it is a silver-ish material.

Any who I found way to use them,
and here,
And I used some garland as well
I loved ^ this Idea i used a music box and a Snow globe to hold it up:D
I also used garland to decorate my bed and add another level of Christmasy 
And of course I had to add some tencil!
That is it for this post.
My pictures didn't turn out the best but, hey I tried.

Thanks for stopping by!

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What does Thanksgiving mean to you?


When I was a kid I remember Thanksgiving being an important holiday.
People would make cute little Thanksgiving crafts.

That involved a turkey,pilgrims, Indians or more importantly, God.
A family would sit around the table and talk about what things God has given them that they are thankful for.
It used to be a day of gratefulness and thankfulness for what you have.

We used to take it in as a special day and not just a day of tv and food.

Now, I'm not against Football and Charlie brown and Food; but what ever happened to football later and Thanksgiving first????
I know it's a tradition but wasn't thankfulness a tradition before football was???

The pilgrims didn't watch football that day so long ago.

They thanked God for the plentiful harvest!
They thanked God for the new friends they were sent.

And for the new land!

When did we stop saying hour long prayers of thanks?
I don't know.

I remember a time barley, since Thankfulness went out of style when i was a little girl, when People would do silly little things like toss a piece of corn in a basket, say something they were thankful for and pass the basket around; or take ti
me to teach their child thankfulness.

I don't have children, a beau, or any prospects, but if i had a child I'd spend every moment teaching them to be thankful.

Recently I have been seeing pictures on Social media of People putting up Christmas trees and getting ready for Christmas, and there's nothing wrong with that, but why have people skipped over Thanksgiving?

Why have people forgotten to pray?

Well I don't know, but I intend to Thank God for all He has given me.

1. Jesus Christ!
2. My Family
3. My clothes, house, food
4. My Friends
5. My Bible.

What are you Thankful for?

Print out these pages (1 for each guest.) and have each guest fill out what they are most thankful for and put their name at the top.
Put them in a basket and shake the
(folded) card around until mixed.
Pass the basket around and let each guest take 1, read the name of the guest and then what they are Thankful for.

Be Thankful, because you don't know when God will take away something close to you.

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8 Stocking stuffers for the Her!!! $15 or less


Sometimes picking out a stocking stuffer can be difficult.
Year after year the same old stuffers and then suddenly you read this post and you find 8 new gift stuffer thingys for your mom,girlfriend, sister or daughter.
1.Mini Makeup brushes!

I found these on Walmart's page and they are so cute!
I think that any beauty lover would love to have these! hint hint:)

2. Mini curling iron!
Conair TS63R Ceramic Mini Curling Iron
Oh my goodness!
I'm over whelmed by adorableness!
Any girl  would love this!!!!!

Maybelline® Baby Lips® Crystal Lip Balm - 0.15 oz quick info
This may seem like an ordinary typical stuffer.
Well it's not!
Maybelline has a ton of chapsticks known as Baby lips and these are the coolest tinted sticks around.
I'm sure she'll love to find one, if not all, in her stocking!!!! (another hint hint)

4.Mini gloss set
A mini lip gloss set will go a long way to pleasing her!
I mean...Look how cute they are!

5. A cute pair of earrings!
Rhinestone Cluster Hoop Earrings
A pair of earrings.
Small cute and if you get them at you can get them for just 1 dollar.
And just because I like you I'll let you in on a little secret....every thing on the site is $1!
Yes 1 buck!

6.Christmas socks!

A must have stuffer!
I mean who doesn't want a cute pair of Christmas socks!

7.Bath bombs

Make the Holiday fun with these Awesome bombs!

8.Stylish earbuds!

Every one needs a good pair of earbuds and what better than a pair of unicorn earbuds?!

I hop this list helped you decide on the perfect stuffer!
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5 Gift's for the Man geek! and let me say these will be very.....random...


1. Ultra violet and infrared Flashlights!

Impress the man in your life with these 63.99 dollar flashlights!
A small price to pay for love!

2. Mechanical hand kit bwahahaha
Simple And Fun DIY Kit
Guys love to mess around with geeky stuff!
So get them their own impressive mechanical hand making kit!

3.Build your own catapult

Yes i did.

4. Magnetic balls

These balls have magnets in side of them guaranteed to keep your geek busy for hours.

5.Jumper bot.

Yet another way to keep guys occupied! hahahaha

I enjoyed finding all of these awesome gift
i hope you enjoy shopping.
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Friday Favs

If you want to participate in this awesome blog hop head over to Living to tell the story

Basically what this is, is a way to show your favorite things of the week!
Now if you want to join in this awesome Friday faves go over to the link above and  Susanne will tell you what to do.

So here we Go!

1. My mom and dad!
My mom has been a constant blessing to me, always training me and guiding me to be the lady God wants me to be and the wife i will need to be one day.

My daddy has been my king until my prince comes and he is awesome!
God has blessed me with two very godly parents who have passed their standards and faith down to us kids.
 photo welcomeimg_zpsd5aa278e.jpg  her link is here his link is here

2. The trip we took to Hungary
This Monday our family was blessed being able to  Hungary for some frugal shopping and, the reason i'm
Happy about that is because I got some awesome things (food :) that we can't get here.

3. Nutella!
I can't begin to express how much nutella means to me especially this week!

4. Faithful people
This week Kresho, one of our Gypsy men stood up and recited 2 Timothy 2:1-7!
This man can barely read and yet he recited a verse.
Praise God for who will hopefully be the first gypsy preacher in Croatia.

5. My Bible!
My Bible has been a guide to me especially this week.
God has showed me so many things that are new this week it's unreal!

So there you have My Friday favs!
Don't forget to check out Susanne's post!

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3min 3ing puppy chow!


So my all time favorite sweet treat is Puppy chow!
But sometimes I want that sugary, chocolatey fix fast and just enough for me.
So today I decided to make a recipe for puppy chow that can be done under 3 minutes.
Let's begin!
1/2 c cinnamon swirl cereal
1 1/2 tbsp melted Nutella
1/8 c. Powdered sugar

In a Baggie Shake the Nutella and cereal together!
Then In a separate bag shake the chocolate cereal and the powder sugar until the cereal is Snow White.
Place in a bowel or cup and enjoy!

Top 10 candy projects for winter.


I have always wanted to  make homemade candies!
And frankly I have been intimidated by it.
So i searched the internet for the top 10 candy recipes.

#1. Homemade Caramels!
I got this recipe here.
it has no brown sugar which I like.

#2. Homemade peanut brittle!
These look so's crazy!
I can't wait to try this recipe here.

#3. Marshmallows! (you have got to be kidding me!)
Homemade Marshmallows
Alton Brown you have done it again!
And let me say just...WOW! HERE.

#4. Peppermint patties!(I can't breathe!)
Peppermint Patties recipe
Do these look amazing or is it just me?

#5. Candy canes? Why yes candy canes.
homemade candy canes
Where i live I can't hardly find these.
Time to roll up my sleeves and use this recipe here

#6. Homemade Cranberry Bark.

3 ingredient bark? SHUT UP! and look here

#7. pumpkin Reese's!
Pumpkin Pie Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!

Here is one mean and easy looking recipe! Spice up the holidays!

 #8. Fudge :)
Cherries and Chocolate Fudge Recipe
Here it is.

#9. Puppy chow.

Christmas isn't Christmas without Puppy Ch-ow! here

#10 Candied Apples!

here is my final recipe for you.
if you decide to give one of these a try lease let me know!
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Top 10 Beauty necessities for winter!

Every winter we break out the Christmas tree,
(this is probably 5 years old)

We Bake goodies!
(Me and my brother Josh made this monster!)

And my favorite we Read the Christmas story!

But in all the confusion of pleasure we have to find time to change are Beauty necessities to a more winterish style.

For example, our faces get dry during the winter because of a lack of moisture.
So we need to make sure to moisturize daily!
My personal favorite moisturizer is Clean and Clear Moisturizer!
Clean & Clear Morning Burst Detoxifying Cleanser, 8 fl oz

Any way I came up with 10 necessities for winter!

1. A everyday curly hair style!

easy everyday curls hair tutorial
This one is honestly tooooooocute!

2. A easy romantic updo!

A romantic updo is a necessities for Winter!

3.A soft makeup look!

I would prefer this one without the wing but it is so cute either way!

4. A Bold Christmas makeup style!

Love this!

5.A warm fashionable coat!

6.A cute pair of boots!

7.An adorable outfit!

This is so cute!

8.A nail style.

Aren't those cute????

9. A Gold lip!

I have a lighter version of this and it is a go to lip!

10. Christmas Socks!

These are the most normal pair i could find!

Any way hope you enjoyed my necessities!
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