What does Thanksgiving mean to you?


When I was a kid I remember Thanksgiving being an important holiday.
People would make cute little Thanksgiving crafts.

That involved a turkey,pilgrims, Indians or more importantly, God.
A family would sit around the table and talk about what things God has given them that they are thankful for.
It used to be a day of gratefulness and thankfulness for what you have.

We used to take it in as a special day and not just a day of tv and food.

Now, I'm not against Football and Charlie brown and Food; but what ever happened to football later and Thanksgiving first????
I know it's a tradition but wasn't thankfulness a tradition before football was???

The pilgrims didn't watch football that day so long ago.

They thanked God for the plentiful harvest!
They thanked God for the new friends they were sent.

And for the new land!

When did we stop saying hour long prayers of thanks?
I don't know.

I remember a time barley, since Thankfulness went out of style when i was a little girl, when People would do silly little things like toss a piece of corn in a basket, say something they were thankful for and pass the basket around; or take ti
me to teach their child thankfulness.

I don't have children, a beau, or any prospects, but if i had a child I'd spend every moment teaching them to be thankful.

Recently I have been seeing pictures on Social media of People putting up Christmas trees and getting ready for Christmas, and there's nothing wrong with that, but why have people skipped over Thanksgiving?

Why have people forgotten to pray?

Well I don't know, but I intend to Thank God for all He has given me.

1. Jesus Christ!
2. My Family
3. My clothes, house, food
4. My Friends
5. My Bible.

What are you Thankful for?

Print out these pages (1 for each guest.) and have each guest fill out what they are most thankful for and put their name at the top.
Put them in a basket and shake the
(folded) card around until mixed.
Pass the basket around and let each guest take 1, read the name of the guest and then what they are Thankful for.

Be Thankful, because you don't know when God will take away something close to you.

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  1. That's a great post Hannah. We should try to be more thankful. I'm very thankful for you!!!

  2. My dear Hannah, this was a very thoughtful post and I truly appreciate the wisdom that you have shared - thank you! May you have a lovely day. Hugs and blessings!