Top 10 Beauty necessities for winter!


Every winter we break out the Christmas tree,
(this is probably 5 years old)

We Bake goodies!
(Me and my brother Josh made this monster!)

And my favorite we Read the Christmas story!

But in all the confusion of pleasure we have to find time to change are Beauty necessities to a more winterish style.

For example, our faces get dry during the winter because of a lack of moisture.
So we need to make sure to moisturize daily!
My personal favorite moisturizer is Clean and Clear Moisturizer!
Clean & Clear Morning Burst Detoxifying Cleanser, 8 fl oz

Any way I came up with 10 necessities for winter!

1. A everyday curly hair style!

easy everyday curls hair tutorial
This one is honestly tooooooocute!

2. A easy romantic updo!

A romantic updo is a necessities for Winter!

3.A soft makeup look!

I would prefer this one without the wing but it is so cute either way!

4. A Bold Christmas makeup style!

Love this!

5.A warm fashionable coat!

6.A cute pair of boots!

7.An adorable outfit!

This is so cute!

8.A nail style.

Aren't those cute????

9. A Gold lip!

I have a lighter version of this and it is a go to lip!

10. Christmas Socks!

These are the most normal pair i could find!

Any way hope you enjoyed my necessities!
 photo nan_zpsae6ec91b.jpg