The easiest Nutella French toast ever!


One of my favor it's breakfasts that is quick but super yummy is French toast.
But what if you could have French toast stuffed with yummy smooth goodness??? Would you stinkin' pass out? Because this recipe for Nutella French toast is to die for!!!!
And I know what you all are thinking and no it isn't super sweet, in fact the traditional syrup covered version is nearly 3x as sweet and mouth puckering!
Now for this I used honey oat bread from Natures own for texture but you can definitely use any bread you want. 
Also make sure that the vessel you have your egg mixture in is deep enough so that it covers your bread and your bread doesn't come out all smushed!

I topped mine with powdered sugar but you can add chocolate chips, melted nutella, or just leave it plain!
This recipe is for one piece but you can adjust;)
Without further adue let get started!

2 slices Bread (of course)
1-2 TBLSP Nutella 
1 egg (I prefer brown eggs)
1/2 tbsp milk
1/8 tsp vanilla
Dash of cinnamon 
Powdered sugar (optional)
A bit of butter

Pre heat your skillet on medium heat over your stove;)
Next take a slice of bread and spread nutella all over it and then take the other slice and sand which it with the other piece:)
In a deep bowl wisk together your egg,milk,vanilla,and cinnamon,
Dunk your nutella sandwich in it and coat both sides allowing the egg to soak in, take out the eggy sandwich and then put the butter in the skillet.
After the butter melts place the toast in the skillet and leave it for 1 min then flip and repeat,
Take it out, slice it in half, dust it wit PS and share a pic to my Instagram page!!!!


5 Christian "halloween" substitutions.


Before beginning my post I want to explain that Halloween is in no way a godly holiday ad serves only to indulge in devilish schemes. Don't get me wrong though I must admit that if it were a holiday having nothing to do witches, devils, or goblins it would be so enjoyable for the kids in our families.
Now I know you are thinking I'm early on this but when it comes down to it Halloween  is the holiday next in line for recognition.
Now I have scanned throughout pinterest and all the internet looking or ways to make Halloween enjoyable for Christian kids and to be honest there is no solution, however what if we focused it within the home and around the season of fall.?
Here are some easy ways to keep the kids involved yet not involved.

#1. Bible character dress up day!

Let your kids dress up like there favorite bible character and wear it around the house and maybe to the store. Kids will long and maybe plead with you to dress up and rather then dressing up as a fairy of a soldier have them dress up as Ruth and Saul.
Kids will love being a part of things but you will still have an opportunity to teach them diligently about why Halloween is wrong.

#2. Throw a small bible character dress up party for the kids!

Let your kids invite a few close friends allowing them to dress up but only in a bible character costume. A fun idea is to assign each guest to a certain character as not to have two Ruth's or 3 Johns.
Maybe have each eating table decorate and named like a place in the bible such as Egypt.

#3.A edible gift exchange?

There is nothing wrong with mixing traditions and in fact it may become the next rage!
Have each child bring a edible gift and set the up on a table with assigned numbers.
Each child must be allowed to draw a number and then pick out the corresponding gift.
This will keep the treat  aspect included.

#4.Keep it fun!

Games are a crucial element at any party why not keep the old games and at a modern twist.
Lets take the classic bobbing for apples game, maybe give each kid 5 seconds depending on the age group to  catch an apple in there mouth if they succeed give them a prize.

#5. Tell a bible story.

tell your kids a bedtime story about the tie that Satan lost in the fight to kill Christ, or another time where good one over evil.
Above all let your creativity flow and do not be afraid to try something new.

I got a job and what to expect with your first fast food job,


So I have decided to go ahea and get a job for college. Well the seconded day I put applications in I got a job! I asked for an application at Chickfila in Mansfield TX on broad street, and the manager asked if he could interview me. Well, he did and said i would be great then he ordered my gear and two weeks later I'm a working girl.
One huge note I need to add for fast food workers is that you will get a job but won't start for at least a week; because they have to order you non slip shoes and those take about a week.
Another note is that when picking out shoes don't go for the cute ones, go for the shoes that are most likely to make you comfortable. Ex: I ordered some ballet looking shoes with a thick soul but because they stop right at my knuckles the gave me discomfort from the rubbing, as with tennis shoe types that come pass your ankle you won't face that problem.
I work the cash register and te dining room right now and the key for both jobs is to not only smile with your teeth but also with your eyes; most people can sense a fake smile and the key is to get the mindset of a friendly person.

Don't be afraid to connect with people unless they obviously don't want to talk. Most people will enjoy a smile and a gesture of welcome such as "are u having a good day?" Or if they are dressed in a particular work uniform you can ask ,questions about the job.
Yes I learned all this today!

I worked with Kids in Croatia so I love the kid friendly invitonment  that we offer, a good way to connect with parents is to connect with their kids. I asked the kids such questions today as, "How do like our freshly squeezed lemonade" and " what do you think of our ice cream."

I made sure today that I help people with trays,lg orders and high chairs. This gives them a welcoming feeling and makes you feel pretty awesome to go the extra mile.

Anywho there are my tips and overview of my first day at work, do you work at a fast food restraunt? I'd love to hear all about your tip down below!



I'm officially back in America we got in on Monday and we are getting over the culture shock and jet lag.
So far I've accomplished quite a few things: I got my phone number,I got a lock box for items such as my passport, extra money, jewelry (I don't have any valuable jewelry just sentimental) I'm just scared that someone will break in and try to steal it or when I go to college and even though it's a Bible college if like to keep my possessions safe #paranoid
I'm going to buy a laptop soon, and instead of a class ring which I will use only for college we decided to get me a good laptop which is something I'll need anyway.
Tomorrow we head for Texas which is about 9 hours away :(~
And basically that is what's happening.
I also have already put in a job application with Michaels and today I'll do some more with Panera bread,pet co, chick-fil-a and some other places today.
My parents will be heading to Florida for the whole month of June and I will stay behind and wot a job.

Any who there's my life in a nutshell right now catch ya later!!!

Flight must haves and dos!


Since the year 2000 I have flown over 10 times and i have searched for ways to make the trip more endurable. I have found some things you need to bring and things you need to do to make your trip A1!
After I talk about things to bring and do in flight I'll tell you things I'm looking forward to after flight!
I'm actually rewriting this on my first flight to Frankfurt with to random people beside me but luckily I'm On the isle seat (hallelujah)

Here we go for some helpful tip!

#1. Bring toiletries in flight.
Toiletries such as toothbrush and toothpaste, hand sanitizer and hand wipes along with a little makeup will go a long way to making your flight enjoyable!
For this flight I'm only wearing eye and brow products, I'm not wearing any face products but later on I will apply concealer and powder to make me feel fresh. It's really easy to feel icky and dirty when traveling 12+ hours so make sure you bring some things to make you feel alive and revived, if you don't wear makeup yet or choose not to and even if you are wearing it a good sea is to bring a moisturizer for the flight because the altitude will make your skin dry out and breakout.
A toothbrush and tooth paste will make you feel extra fresh + you kinda will need it to keep from annoying those around you, we all get morning breathe even I do sometimes (shocking)

#2. Bring a jacket
Yes!!! Anyone who flys knows that it can get cold on planes and in different countries around you so a comfy sweater to change into or a jacket is mandatory!!!!
Also comfy socks to wear on the plane is a must to cover up your feet if you're wearing flip-flops and so your feet will be warm!

#3. Watch out for metal!

I was stopped at customs because my jacket had metal buttons on it an set off the detector.
So at customs make certain to take off anything with buttons.
Or metal except for pants and skirts and anything in between. 
Jewelry also must come off!!!
It sets off the alarms and is a pain .
I suggest taking off jewelry while you are waiting for the customs workers to check you.

#4.  Have everything ready while you are waiting in line.
Yes!!! I can't stress the importance of kicking your shoes,jackets, jewelry off ahead off time! It will save a lot of awkwardness and you'll look like a pro. Also have your makeup in see-threw bags ready to be put in a bin and also have your passport and electronic already out. If you have small kid make them feel important and let them carefully take the makeup and maybe electronics out and put them in the bin (this depends on how accident prone they are:))

#5. Bring medicine!
You need to bring coldrex,Tylenol, sleeping pills, vitamins and caffeine pulls with you in a tidy little pill box.
With all those germs you gotta stay fit and healthy by taking vitamins. If you want to stay awake take caffeine pills or sleeping pills if you like to sleep on those flights.

#6. Eat!
Before each flight make sure you have at least one snack item that will hold you over until they serve you or until they land. The food on flights sometimes is gross so make sure you bring snack just incase it looks un appetizing or incase you are bored. But don't eat too much because you could end up with a tummy ache or a couple extra pounds. 

#7. Clean your space.
Make sure you don't make a huge mess or else it will not be fun for you or your fellow passengers. So when you get something out put it back again! Also wipe down your arm rest and the bathroom toilets down to ensure you are nice and healthy.

Now for my after flight plans!

When I get to Frankfurt in about 10 minutes I'm going to head up Starbucks! It will cost a little extra withy Visa card but I think it's about 1 dollar so it's ok. I've never had a dunkin donut so I'm planning on checking them out.
I will be flying into Missouri and then on Thursday we will drive back to Texas and stay with my grandparents. I have to take a SAT test on Saturday and then we will see what will happen next.
Enjoy the rest of your day and please pray for me as my life starts to change.

And the Senior pics are in!!!


So we have been super busy for our flight to America this Monday with the packing, cleaning, and getting ready for my going away party tomorrow. We have had very little time to do senior pics and yesterday morning we went out to a gorgeous Botanical garden with a old mansion in the middle of it. It had a bunch of flowers and trees and the ruined mansion was starting to crumple, The architecture of the mansion made for some super pretty pictures with sweet and darling angles.
So if you are up to it I will show you the ones we edited and are using.
Here's the old mansion.

This is one of my favorite that was taken on a bridge over a pond. The willow in the background was perfect for a backdrop and the blue vest made my eyes appear bluer.

Here's a playful one that still keeps me from looking 13 and gives me a nudge into the 20's. lol
It was taken on a old tree that had been imported from America  and was over 100 years old.

I love how this one adds in the browns of fall and has a mysterious look to it.

Yep! That's more like it. 
I have trouble being serious for long periods of time.

Here's a fun shot taken inside the mansion 

mom says she loves this one but I feel like I appear to have an attitude.
The cherry blossoms were perfect and fit in well with my skin tone.

Super uncomfortable position but worth it.

just day dreaming about you....

Very simple and yet very sweet.

I was actually watching my dad doing push ups.

Peace you sweet chicks, see you later!

Special thanks to my mom for taking the pics and my dad for being patient and carrying my jacket!

Comment your fav of all the picks by the # of order it is in.

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My must have makeup products from the drugstore!


I love to shop but I am a slight cheapskate, when it comes to my makeup products I won't waist money on High end makeup products because to me, it's kind of silly to spend a days pay on a new eye shadow palette. I believe that at the drugstore treasures await that will save you $40+.
I'm not against a new makeup product now in then that may have costed a little more, but to buy something like that if you barely have enough money may not be so wise.
Today I am doing my must have makeup products that will save $$$ and make you look radiant.
It took me some time to come up with my must haves and honestly I've been working on it since I was 16.(I'm nearly 18.)
 Before we start make sure to follow me on all my social places to the right >>> and let me know your favorite makeup products under $10 in the comments.

1. My first must have makeup product is my Revlon color stay foundation for normal/dry skin. SHADE:110 Ivory COVERAGE: medium  COST: $9.98  **** (4 stars)

This foundation is A-MA-ZING!
It dries to a soft finish and comes in normal/dry or combination/oily.
It has a wide range of colors and I honestly have trouble finding a light enough foundation for my pale skin but here I was able to find one!
It last quite a while about 20 hrs. I made the mistake of being too lazy to remove my foundation when i went to bed one day and despite my tossing and turning all night when I woke up I thought some of my acne had disappeared but sadly it was just that my foundation was still slightly on.
Honestly though who needs their foundation to last so long?
The coverage is medium but it can be put on in layers for more coverage.
The one problem I did face was that the foundation latched on to  more bumpy areas and my dry patches, however I applied some moisturizer to my fingers and was able to rub the area and the foundation sort of released from the dry areas to create a nice foundation look.

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder.
SHADE: Translucent COST: $3.97  *****

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
So finding a powder that mattifies your skin without making it cakey is hard but here Rimmel has succeeded in creating such a powder.
Now this powder will still give you that natural glow but it will keep that makeup from coming off.

I don't have a blush or bronzer that I love enough to mention but if I find one I will post it later.

1. Essence long lasting eye pencil.
SHADE: Hot chocolate & Hot Scorch OPACITY: High  COST: $2.49  *****
I have problems with eyeliner in general because as the day goes on it starts to leave a line in my crease and looks nasty, Even the Physicians Formula Eye Enhancing Liners which cost around $10 a piece do it to me.
Well not with this liner!
It stays on all day doesn't smudge and yet it still comes of fairly easy!
You need this in your life it's available at only select stores but you can purchase it at ULTA.

2.Wet n Wild Color Icon palette.
SHADE: Petal pusher COST:$4.68 OPACITY: Medium  ***

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Collection, Petal Pusher, 0.3 oz
This palette and other Color icon palettes from Wet n Wild prove from the reviews to be loved by ladies around the globe.
This is the most used palette of mine because i can get quite a few day to night looks out of the one palette. I'm not wild about the browbone color on the left but other then that it cool.
I have noticed creasing with the shadows but that could be caused by a lack of blending on my part.

3. Nyx  Wonder Pencil. (waterline)
SHADE: Light/ fair OPACITY: WOW! COST: $4.49 *****
Nyx Cosmetics

I use this pencil for my waterline to brighten up my eyes but it can be used as a lip liner, concealer, or brow liner.
It cost next to nothing and works WONDERS (get the pun?) for your skin.

4. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show off Mascara.
SHADE: Black OPACITY: Excellent COST: $5.97 ****

When I first got this mascara last year it looked really dry but after applying it my lashes looked longer, better, fuller and blacker.
The round tip on the wand helps you to reach hard to reach places on your lashes .
It is excellent and a must have product of mine.

5. Essence Lash&Brow  Gel  Mascara.
SHADE: Clear COST: $2.99  ***
this was my first makeup product I ever owned and I still use it.
The one mess up in the product is that if not combed through properly it can look like dandruff in your brows but all you do is rub your finger over the browns to remove excess gel and you are good to go.


6. Maybelline Baby lips tinted lip balm!
SHADE: Cherry me. OPACITY:medium COST: $3

These tinted balms make your lips feel smooth and soft.
They have many shades but the above shade is my favorite.
These balms are excellent for on the go, or lazy lip days and the really make a difference to chapped lips like mine.

I hope ya'll enjoyed this post and don't forget to follow me every where (on social media that is not in real life.) lol

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