The easiest Nutella French toast ever!


One of my favor it's breakfasts that is quick but super yummy is French toast.
But what if you could have French toast stuffed with yummy smooth goodness??? Would you stinkin' pass out? Because this recipe for Nutella French toast is to die for!!!!
And I know what you all are thinking and no it isn't super sweet, in fact the traditional syrup covered version is nearly 3x as sweet and mouth puckering!
Now for this I used honey oat bread from Natures own for texture but you can definitely use any bread you want. 
Also make sure that the vessel you have your egg mixture in is deep enough so that it covers your bread and your bread doesn't come out all smushed!

I topped mine with powdered sugar but you can add chocolate chips, melted nutella, or just leave it plain!
This recipe is for one piece but you can adjust;)
Without further adue let get started!

2 slices Bread (of course)
1-2 TBLSP Nutella 
1 egg (I prefer brown eggs)
1/2 tbsp milk
1/8 tsp vanilla
Dash of cinnamon 
Powdered sugar (optional)
A bit of butter

Pre heat your skillet on medium heat over your stove;)
Next take a slice of bread and spread nutella all over it and then take the other slice and sand which it with the other piece:)
In a deep bowl wisk together your egg,milk,vanilla,and cinnamon,
Dunk your nutella sandwich in it and coat both sides allowing the egg to soak in, take out the eggy sandwich and then put the butter in the skillet.
After the butter melts place the toast in the skillet and leave it for 1 min then flip and repeat,
Take it out, slice it in half, dust it wit PS and share a pic to my Instagram page!!!!


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