My Family

Here are a few tidbits about me and my family!

Me :

I was saved October, 12. 2007 on the road ? where in the back of a mini van.
My mom led me to the Lord and coincidence enough it was on my brother Cody's 14th birthday!
I want to work with the deaf in what ever way God intends.
I love to shop! 
I'm really into Colors (Bright,Funky)
My Style could be described as a little Eclectic and random.
I love to bake and though my baking is good I can't say the same for the decor.
I love to be photographed. hahaha
Not that I'm vain or anything, I just think it's fun to try different poses.
I'm not really into books really.
I'm a Total Girly Girl.
I love to do my makeup and I try to keep it modest!
I'm very vintage and a big fan of old things/movies and people.
I'm an extreme Romantic.
And hope the Man I marry aproves of a Rainbow wedding!
My Birthday is July,8.1997

Daddy is the ring leader in this family and a Wonderful friend to me.
My dad grew up in a  semi- Christian home and went to church a couple of times as a child.
He even learned John 3:16 as a little tike.
My dad didn't stay in church for long and very soon Got out of it.
My dad was a rebel with earrings to prove it!
Then one night when he was 18 he found was sitting in my grandparents living room watching a Show Preacher and the things he said were just enough to make my dad remember John 3:16 and my daddy was gloriously saved.
You can check him out here:Life in the field

Daddy is a very sweet,man who loves his Jesus and the Croatian people.
He likes to watch foot ball and play with our fire place.

My mom grew up in a non Christian home.
She remembers attending the Church of Christ as a little girl.
When my mom was a teenager she met my daddy at a friends wedding and thought him a jerk.
My dad was saved and years later mom met my dad again at another event.
she describes his mood that night as being child like and innocent.
Mom noticed a change in Him and soon began dating dad.
Soon they were married and mom (still unsaved) gave birth to my brother Cody.
Months later she was led to the Lord and then had me an Josh.
Mom's favorite color is rainbow
She blogs over at:A home Away from home
Mom is the coolest gal on earth and one of the sweetest.

Cody is my oldest brother and one of my best friends.
Cody was saved at a young age and then baptized.
Cody has surrendered to preach in Croatia and after Finishing Bible College he hopes
to become a missionary there.

Cody is a total Boy!
With a golden voice and talent for the guitar and harmonica.
Cody is a sweet young man and 22 years old.
Cody was born, October,12.1992

Josh is a member of Longview Baptist Temple in Longview,Texas.
He is attending Texas IBS, and is finishing up to go to the field of Bosnia.
Josh is a fun lovable guy with a heart of gold.
Josh is enjoying his stay in Longview and is currently in his second year of college.

Josh was saved at a young age.

Josh was born, July,26.1996

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