5 Christian "halloween" substitutions.


Before beginning my post I want to explain that Halloween is in no way a godly holiday ad serves only to indulge in devilish schemes. Don't get me wrong though I must admit that if it were a holiday having nothing to do witches, devils, or goblins it would be so enjoyable for the kids in our families.
Now I know you are thinking I'm early on this but when it comes down to it Halloween  is the holiday next in line for recognition.
Now I have scanned throughout pinterest and all the internet looking or ways to make Halloween enjoyable for Christian kids and to be honest there is no solution, however what if we focused it within the home and around the season of fall.?
Here are some easy ways to keep the kids involved yet not involved.

#1. Bible character dress up day!

Let your kids dress up like there favorite bible character and wear it around the house and maybe to the store. Kids will long and maybe plead with you to dress up and rather then dressing up as a fairy of a soldier have them dress up as Ruth and Saul.
Kids will love being a part of things but you will still have an opportunity to teach them diligently about why Halloween is wrong.

#2. Throw a small bible character dress up party for the kids!

Let your kids invite a few close friends allowing them to dress up but only in a bible character costume. A fun idea is to assign each guest to a certain character as not to have two Ruth's or 3 Johns.
Maybe have each eating table decorate and named like a place in the bible such as Egypt.

#3.A edible gift exchange?

There is nothing wrong with mixing traditions and in fact it may become the next rage!
Have each child bring a edible gift and set the up on a table with assigned numbers.
Each child must be allowed to draw a number and then pick out the corresponding gift.
This will keep the treat  aspect included.

#4.Keep it fun!

Games are a crucial element at any party why not keep the old games and at a modern twist.
Lets take the classic bobbing for apples game, maybe give each kid 5 seconds depending on the age group to  catch an apple in there mouth if they succeed give them a prize.

#5. Tell a bible story.

tell your kids a bedtime story about the tie that Satan lost in the fight to kill Christ, or another time where good one over evil.
Above all let your creativity flow and do not be afraid to try something new.

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