Flight must haves and dos!


Since the year 2000 I have flown over 10 times and i have searched for ways to make the trip more endurable. I have found some things you need to bring and things you need to do to make your trip A1!
After I talk about things to bring and do in flight I'll tell you things I'm looking forward to after flight!
I'm actually rewriting this on my first flight to Frankfurt with to random people beside me but luckily I'm On the isle seat (hallelujah)

Here we go for some helpful tip!

#1. Bring toiletries in flight.
Toiletries such as toothbrush and toothpaste, hand sanitizer and hand wipes along with a little makeup will go a long way to making your flight enjoyable!
For this flight I'm only wearing eye and brow products, I'm not wearing any face products but later on I will apply concealer and powder to make me feel fresh. It's really easy to feel icky and dirty when traveling 12+ hours so make sure you bring some things to make you feel alive and revived, if you don't wear makeup yet or choose not to and even if you are wearing it a good sea is to bring a moisturizer for the flight because the altitude will make your skin dry out and breakout.
A toothbrush and tooth paste will make you feel extra fresh + you kinda will need it to keep from annoying those around you, we all get morning breathe even I do sometimes (shocking)

#2. Bring a jacket
Yes!!! Anyone who flys knows that it can get cold on planes and in different countries around you so a comfy sweater to change into or a jacket is mandatory!!!!
Also comfy socks to wear on the plane is a must to cover up your feet if you're wearing flip-flops and so your feet will be warm!

#3. Watch out for metal!

I was stopped at customs because my jacket had metal buttons on it an set off the detector.
So at customs make certain to take off anything with buttons.
Or metal except for pants and skirts and anything in between. 
Jewelry also must come off!!!
It sets off the alarms and is a pain .
I suggest taking off jewelry while you are waiting for the customs workers to check you.

#4.  Have everything ready while you are waiting in line.
Yes!!! I can't stress the importance of kicking your shoes,jackets, jewelry off ahead off time! It will save a lot of awkwardness and you'll look like a pro. Also have your makeup in see-threw bags ready to be put in a bin and also have your passport and electronic already out. If you have small kid make them feel important and let them carefully take the makeup and maybe electronics out and put them in the bin (this depends on how accident prone they are:))

#5. Bring medicine!
You need to bring coldrex,Tylenol, sleeping pills, vitamins and caffeine pulls with you in a tidy little pill box.
With all those germs you gotta stay fit and healthy by taking vitamins. If you want to stay awake take caffeine pills or sleeping pills if you like to sleep on those flights.

#6. Eat!
Before each flight make sure you have at least one snack item that will hold you over until they serve you or until they land. The food on flights sometimes is gross so make sure you bring snack just incase it looks un appetizing or incase you are bored. But don't eat too much because you could end up with a tummy ache or a couple extra pounds. 

#7. Clean your space.
Make sure you don't make a huge mess or else it will not be fun for you or your fellow passengers. So when you get something out put it back again! Also wipe down your arm rest and the bathroom toilets down to ensure you are nice and healthy.

Now for my after flight plans!

When I get to Frankfurt in about 10 minutes I'm going to head up Starbucks! It will cost a little extra withy Visa card but I think it's about 1 dollar so it's ok. I've never had a dunkin donut so I'm planning on checking them out.
I will be flying into Missouri and then on Thursday we will drive back to Texas and stay with my grandparents. I have to take a SAT test on Saturday and then we will see what will happen next.
Enjoy the rest of your day and please pray for me as my life starts to change.

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  1. I always buy a bottle of water once I get passed security. I like to stay hydrated while flying!
    Good luck on your SAT!