And the Senior pics are in!!!


So we have been super busy for our flight to America this Monday with the packing, cleaning, and getting ready for my going away party tomorrow. We have had very little time to do senior pics and yesterday morning we went out to a gorgeous Botanical garden with a old mansion in the middle of it. It had a bunch of flowers and trees and the ruined mansion was starting to crumple, The architecture of the mansion made for some super pretty pictures with sweet and darling angles.
So if you are up to it I will show you the ones we edited and are using.
Here's the old mansion.

This is one of my favorite that was taken on a bridge over a pond. The willow in the background was perfect for a backdrop and the blue vest made my eyes appear bluer.

Here's a playful one that still keeps me from looking 13 and gives me a nudge into the 20's. lol
It was taken on a old tree that had been imported from America  and was over 100 years old.

I love how this one adds in the browns of fall and has a mysterious look to it.

Yep! That's more like it. 
I have trouble being serious for long periods of time.

Here's a fun shot taken inside the mansion 

mom says she loves this one but I feel like I appear to have an attitude.
The cherry blossoms were perfect and fit in well with my skin tone.

Super uncomfortable position but worth it.

just day dreaming about you....

Very simple and yet very sweet.

I was actually watching my dad doing push ups.

Peace you sweet chicks, see you later!

Special thanks to my mom for taking the pics and my dad for being patient and carrying my jacket!

Comment your fav of all the picks by the # of order it is in.

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  1. The one titled very simple and very sweet is my favorite Hannah...they are all gorgeous however.