I'm officially back in America we got in on Monday and we are getting over the culture shock and jet lag.
So far I've accomplished quite a few things: I got my phone number,I got a lock box for items such as my passport, extra money, jewelry (I don't have any valuable jewelry just sentimental) I'm just scared that someone will break in and try to steal it or when I go to college and even though it's a Bible college if like to keep my possessions safe #paranoid
I'm going to buy a laptop soon, and instead of a class ring which I will use only for college we decided to get me a good laptop which is something I'll need anyway.
Tomorrow we head for Texas which is about 9 hours away :(~
And basically that is what's happening.
I also have already put in a job application with Michaels and today I'll do some more with Panera bread,pet co, chick-fil-a and some other places today.
My parents will be heading to Florida for the whole month of June and I will stay behind and wot a job.

Any who there's my life in a nutshell right now catch ya later!!!

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  1. Welcome to the USA...I am sure it is different than you perhaps expected. It is a very different country from the one I grew up in but still I will try to live faithfully in the midst of chaos. I think you made a good decision re the ring. I sold mine for extra money when I was a young mom. For my own children, they chose a piece of jewelry that would last them through out their lives. Good luck with your job hunt.