My purity ring.....


Ok, so while we were in Rome my daddy bought me a purity ring. He told me that he'd give it to me when we could be alone.
Well tonight we went to a nice Italian restaurant called the Rustica and got some coffee and some crepes.
Well the entire drive to the restaurant it was quiet the only thing we managed to talk about was how nervous we were.
We reached the Rustica and he kindly opened the door."
Later.....we sat in the old Italian restaurant staring each other down.
After muttered remarks about the  weather, school, and how nice the waiter is I decided to open up the whole ordeal, "PappaJay," I said  that's what I call my daddy. "I wrote some thing for you," I grabbed the piece of paper I had brought with me, and unfolded it, then with tear brimmed eyes I began to read it, " to my dearest darling PappaJay, from you daughter Nan.
I vow to you to stay pure.
I vow that my first kiss will be on my wedding day,
That my first child will come from my husband by marriage.
And like the infinity sign on this ring stand for never ending, I vow to never end this commitment to stay pure to you, God, and my future husband.
Just remember PappaJay that I will always be your little girl." At the end of my serimonius speech me and PappaJay     
Had tears in our eyes.
Then came his turn. He had me vow to stay pure and to trust him and let him have a say so in the man I marry.
Then he placed the ring on my finger.
The rest of the evening we talked about my growing up and college and I made more vows to him.
We came home and that's the end of it.
So I hope you enjoyed my story of my purity ring


  1. Hannah, I loved reading this post! It was really sweet :)

  2. So proud of you Nan. Can't wait to see how God blesses your commitment to purity. Love you!!

    1. Thanks mom, and......God already has blessed me with you Mamadow and PapaJay not to mention to outstandingly handsome brothers.