How to boost your confidence with preforming in front of people!


Ok so this morning I played "Amazing grace," on my violin at our church.
I was so nervous I thought I might cry!
I mean it's so easy to mess up especially with sweaty hands that slip and slide.
So here are some things I did to boost my confidence and to hold in my , um....sweat.
1.I wore a bright colored purse, bright colors make you happy or at least me.
2.I wore high heals, cause when I get nervous I slouch and they help me to stand tall and feel almost powerful over my nervousness.
3.I kept collect.
These 3 little words come from a song from a movie called "Miss London Ltd."
Here is the song...

Basically keep calm, don't lose your cool, and collect on the blessings you'll be given for serving the Lord.

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