My mk story.


In the year 2000 my family, the Leslie family, moved from Arlington, Tx to Čakovec, Croatia.
I don't have afull picture of our family at that time but here's one of us 3 kids.
(Cody-7, Josh-4, Me-2)

(Yes that cute little Shirley Temple Beauty is me.)

I Didn't Have very much family to leave behind because I was so young and I do not really remember being sad.

So My life as a Missionary Kid had begun.

People have asked me where I am from before and my impulse is to say Croatia, but I'm really from Texas.
It's funny because after 14 years here I have begun to talk like the Croats, I have an accent(People describe it as either British or I think it sounds faintly Irish), and I dress Like the Croats. lol

There are a couple old wives tales in Croatia that I actually believe and it's funny cause if i had grown up in America i would have thought it crazy.

The First Wives Tale(WT) is that if there is a full moon you won't sleep. So True because many times without even looking out the window I have had trouble sleeping; so i would look out the window sure enough to see and there would be a moon as full as a sea. Creepy huh?
The second WT is that if you go outside in cold weather your ear will ache. I have only believed this for about 2 years and man is it true!

#3 WT, If there is a South wind people will be grumpy.
I have found this to be true.
Take yesterday for instance, every one was being mean and grouchy and automatically I suggested to my parents that it was a South Wind and they agreed.

I also have begun to Dress like they do.
When the Croatian people go to the store or to a neighbors house they usually dress very, very nicely.
This is not hard for me since I love to dress up but in America most people go out in there night clothes.

I never have had a real American family because I was not there in America often; I was blessed though with a wonderful Croatian  family!

For 9 years our family was alone and it was really very depressing, and btw missionaries want to hear from Americans especially when they are alone.
And let me tell you the worst feeling you can feel is when your'e alone.
When you know you are Obeying God and serving Him but your heart aches for someone to talk to.
Any who the boy's made friends and I was friends with older people(it's always been a passion of mine.)
However there wasn't much of a substance to it.
Then about 5 years ago God sent the Holcomb family here and praise God they had a young girl only 2 years younger than me, Trinity.
We became "friends" right off despite a huge deal of squabbling.
 We really clicked.
Let me say that Trinity Holcomb is one of the sweetest people I know.
I was really blessed also with my parents getting a Vonage(American) phone so I was able
to call my  best friend Elizabeth (her blog is awesome.)

I remember always getting my self into some sort of a mess.
When i was young i remember getting a lengthy piece of glass stuck in my foot, and my appendix was taken out when I was 4, for no reason.
God really has blessed me and i know that it is really lonely in a foreign country, but to all those missionary kids out there God puts you in uncomfortable situations to toughen you up.
One day you'll look back and say Thank you Lord.
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