Top ten fav beginner makeup products +bonus!!


Ok so I know it is hard to find good inexpensive makeup products when u first start wearing make up.
I mean when I first started wearing makeup( July,8,2013) I had no idea what:eye shadow,liner,lip junk,blush,foundation. Powder,and concealer I should buy.

But I searched around and found different products that I liked.  I went to different stores and tried out new things. I'd get allowance  And the first thing I'd do was buy some make up so I can try out my options.
So as I found things I thought eventually I would do a blog post about what I found 
So here's that post.

First face,instead of an expensive foundation I suggest an inexpensive BB cream.
The one I'm demonstrating is from Garnier and is around $10, but a little goes a long way it would last up to a year.(the tube I mean)lol
It also gives excellent coverage.

Cover stick!

The one i bought  is from essence it only costed me $4. Gives decent coverage.(if you are looking for very high coverage products don't look here the products  I'm giving you aren't exactly the best coverage but they give good coverage for a moderate acne, if you have high acne and are looking for more expensive ,higher coverage products, then buy Mac, revlon or cover girl.)
But this cover stick is pretty good.

I love this soft high coverage powder, it makes my skin soft...the powder in the photo above is homemade powder I'll post it soon. $4

This silky touch blush looks very very natural.
You will see that the blush is also from essence.(favorite brand,$3

Eye shadow!
This brand is from B pretty.
It cost around $3 and it comes in a palate  of 4.
I've had since July.

My liner is from catrice.
I got it for $1 and I love it I some times just wear it and mascara.

Of course ESSENCE!
It looks very pretty and is not too dark.$3

Lip stuff,2 products.
My lip stick is from essence and it is so soothing to my dry lips.
They have a big variety to choose from and I just love it!!!!
And maybellines lip stain.
Mine is very used.(ignor the tube)
This lip stain cost about $2 and is very easy to apply.
What I like about this one is it doesn't dry automatically so if you mess up its easy to correct.
Now for the BONUS!!!!!!!;0

This is my makeup today:
Cute huh?
My skin looks oily cause of the flash.

I love the natural eyes with blue liner.

Here are the products I used:

Maybellines 200 brownie points eye shadow.
(Also the light color in the b pretty green palate.) $2

Deborah milanos paste eye shadow stick in the shade turquoise.
I love it and it is water proof.
And of corse mascara.

And there it is.
Hope you enjoy I paired it with my maybelline lip stain.

Comment and tell me what your favorite drug store products are;-P

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