18 Random acts of kindness countdown! No.1


Okay, so I am counting down 'till Christmas/or Christbirth if you prefer(Since the mas in Christmas does come from the catholic Sunday tradition)
So I thought it would be allot of fun to do a 18 random acts of kindness countdown!
So here we go, No.1
Today I cleaned the kitchen, dining room, and the living room spotless.
My mom doesn't have time to do it and any time I can save her goes a long way.
So I was going to do a before and after picture shoot but my mom said, "I wouldn't want people to come over with my house a mess much less see it."lol
So I will let you see pictures of after i cleaned the living room.
That's about it!
If you want to join me in this awesome Christmas countdown leave a comment  and I'll put a link to your blog for you guys to join me.
And every day I am also doing a your favorite Christmas tradition countdown, so every day if you guys could leave a comment telling me your favorite Christmas tradition that would be awesome.

(comment to this post and every day I'll quote some one new.)
Have a blessed day and keep smiling.


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