C25K! (Couch to 5 K)


Today I did my 2nd C25k!!!
So happy.
I burned 239 calories, in 30 minutes.
C25k is an app for the iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc..
It gives you 30 minutes of walking, running , and warming up and cooling down.
It allows you to play music while you exercise, and after every 60, to 90 seconds the C25K speaks to you telling you whether to walk,or run.
It is really an amazing app the best one out there for people looking to strengthen: calves, leg muscles and body!
It gives you the feeling of 1 hour of exercise in just 30 minutes.
While I was doing it I remember telling myself that I couldn't wait to be done, but when it was finished I told myself that I couldn't wait to do it again tomorrow! 

What does C25K mean: It means if you do this exercise every day for 6 weeks you will be able to run a 5 k!

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