Just like my Daddy. By, Miss Hannah Leslie


For my Brother Cody.
He's away in college at
Trinity Baptist Bible College,
He is in his Junior year.
When he is out of college he will be
a Missionary to Croatia.
( the things the dad does in this
poem our just figurative.)

When I was small,
I dreamed I'd be,
Big and tall,
Like Daddy.

I'd drive big trucks,
And move car lots,
And maybe I'd Be Like Daddy.

I'd Chop down trees,
and smoke out bees,
Just like my Daddy.

I'd  Be a preacher to a foreign field,
Just like my Daddy.

I'd lead a Lady to the Lord,
Just like my daddy.

I'd be a captain of a bus just like my daddy.
I'd be a Soldier of the Lord.
Just like my Daddy.

And now I'm growing very old
and what will I be?
A missionary to the lost,
Just like my Daddy

Happy 22nd Birthday Cody.
(My Spiritual birthday is on Cody's birthday.
This year I will be celebrating 9 Glorious Years of Salvation.")
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