In 2015 I will be making a lot of life changing decisions.
And my adult life will start then.
I mean, I'll get my first job, I'll graduate high school, start college and maybe even find that special someone.
So I've decided to do something fun an tell you my plans and preferred jobs etc. for 2015.

Right now I am finishing my junior year of high school(struggling to finish)
I will graduate in May of that next year, at Trinity baptist church in Arlington, Texas
I'm very nervous but I tell myself that God will take care of me.

I will Attend Texas IBS in Longview next fall along with my 19 year old brother Joshua and my best friend(maybe) 

I will major in music and also study secriterial studies.
I will stay in the dorms, and hopefully I can Make it in with my BFF!

I really would like to work at a Payless or a Claire's where I could talk to be people and be around them.
But in reality if I can pay for my expenses then that's important.

Special someone:
They must:
1.Love The Lord first
2.Be a God fearing man
3.Go to church regularly.
4.Love me
5.Be a child lover
6. Read his bible everyday
7.Hopefully be tall,dark,and handsome but we'll see how that goes. Hahaha

I know that in the end God will provide and he knows tomorrow.
I don't have to worry about tomorrow because Jesus said:

Mathew 6:34
Take no thought for the morrow.....

If he said it then he must have meant.

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