"If only I Stayed in the Fathers hold." By. Miss Hannah Leslie.


Taken from the book:

She wrapped her scars up carefully,
And wiped away the tears,
that did stain her fragile cheeks,
for so many years.

I should have listened to my dad,
he told me not to stray.
From the Fathers mighty hold,
this was I told.

But I was young I could not see,
 that Satan lurked within me.
I could not wait for my journey to start,
for me in sin to impart.

On my journey I would go,
to the land where sin takes it's hold.
Where I can live how I want,
and not be judged by some Saint.

I met a man we fell in love,
and I forgot about the Father above.
He told me he'd give me the world,
and it in my hands I would hold.

He'd never leave my side ever,
he'd always be ever faithful.

A liar he was,
now I know.
Sadly he would always go,
from my side.
Every night,
living in sin ;this I know.

He hit and beat me,
and caused my tears.
For these 25 long, long  years.

5 children I had by his hand,
by this wicked, wicked man.

I could have married a man of God,
and by his side I would vow.
To be faithful, and really mean it this time,
to never go across the line.

By my husbands side I'd be,
me and him, him and me.

But this is not the life I chose,
but the life of serving the wicked world.

So in my sin I will die,
remember the tears.
The tears I cried

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