15 years in Neverland!


Now that I have 3 months and 9 days until I go to America every memory here in Croatia is coming back to me.
I think about all the Blessings God has given me and I am humbly in awe that He would send me here, to what I call Neverland.
I call Croatia Neverland because it is a town where you can walk in the forest and put you feet in the water and not fear that you will be taken, in fact that is the last thought that comes to my mind.
You can ride out to a nearby lake and watch the fish swim and dream about your future.
You can look at the mountains (outside my window) and think WOW! God is good.

My family and I are right down the road from an old mansion that over looks a glorious yard and beautiful topiary.
It is surrounded by a massive grey stone wall with black iron Gates curved and twisted to create an unforgettable sight.
It is also in the country and I go there especially when riding my bike and I just stop and look at the old war torn mansion and I wonder what stories it has trapped inside those secretive walls.

Croatia in the spring is my favorite!
The dahlias and the hydrangeas and roses wake up from their winter slumber to visit until Autumn.
The kids play games in the quiet neighborhoods, birds sing and all seems so serene.

If you are lucky you can catch the spring festivals which usually feature  Klapa ( Traditional Croatia) bands.

I like to right poetry in a nearby town park under a Oleander  bush.
It's just me, Nature and a notebook.

We used to love water fights when my brothers were here.

My little land is a Never land!
You feel like as long as you are there you will never have problems.

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  1. You make Croatia sound so lovely Hannah. I am going to have to google the country and look at some photos. I know it will be hard to leave it behind but you will have new memories to make in the USA.