Stop looking to the world and start looking to Jesus.


Before I start this post I would like to say thanks to my mom for giving my blog an update I think she did an amazing job so go  check her out!

In today world teenagers are sadly looking to the world for answers instead of Jesus/God.
They get depressed over silly and excuse me but, stupid things.
Take no offence, I have been there and believe me I am never going back.

When my brothers left for college I went in to "a small depression"
I was sad, alone and for some silly reason afraid of being an only child.
I ridiculously thought if I only could see a psychiatrist and maybe I am going crazy. lol
Isn't that goofy?
However silly it was, it was true.
I was depressed and I sadly stopped reading my Bible and looking to God for help.
I didn't realize that the best physician, the best shrink was Christ.
He had my back and He cared cares for me.

 And a note to all those girls alone whether you are a Missionary kid, Preacher kid or maybe an only child, God is the best friend out there and He's got your back!

I have 3 short tips for those girls who just might be alone.

1. Look to Jesus.

In times when we feel alone and hopeless the best advice I can give is for you to look to Jesus, to go to Jesus!

Hebrews 12:2 says:

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

Christ is the author of our Faith.
If you look to Jesus you will be filled with faith.

Look to Jesus for things you need and things you feel.
If you feel pain, Look to Jesus.
If you feel lonely, Look to Jesus.
If you feel over whelmed, Look to JESUS!

2. Take up a hobby.

This is not spiritually related to this post but a hobby will help you forget your loneliness.

A musical instrument, a craft or maybe a par time job are all good ways to forget that you are alone!

Maybe you like to bake, take lessons in baking and try out your favorite recipes

Do you like to sing?
So do I take a course in singing.

If you are a sewer-er then learn to sew.

What I  am basically trying to say is invest time in your future.

3. Serve the Lord with your time.

My last point is if you spend time soul winning, working at your church and helping others your "depression/anxiety" will quickly disappear.
Serving others and God will help you forget all your pains.
Believe me serving others makes you forget!

Last summer I did things for the people in my church: Bought the ladies flowers, took a picnic lunch to share with one of our senior citizens, baked treats for the members etc. my summer had never been so good.

My point is serve others and you will feel better, stronger, and wiser.

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  1. Hannah your blog update is great. I need to get someone to help me with mine. I am technically challenged and I just use the free one at Blogspot. As for your advice, I believe it is spot on for anyone at any age of life that is feeling down. When we look to Jesus and use our time for Him it gets our focus off self. God Bless you sweet girl...I know God will use you in this dark world.

  2. Lovely new look :) and love your tender insight.