What's Going on in my life? #absent


Obviously I have been a naughty blogger lately:(
I have been really busy and I would like to briefly explain what has been happening.
I honestly don't know where to start.

I believe you all know about my attending Bob Grays Bible college in Longview this year and in order to send in an application I had to write a 2000-2500 word essay on my testimony and call to attend Texas Ibs.
I recently finished it but it took awhile to completely finish because I needed to get some information about my parents call to Croatia in detail.
All that has to be done is I need to insert page numbers and I stink at graphical stuff, and my mom needs to read it first just to make sure that it makes a good impression on the college.
I also have to fill out the application too.

I have recently been trying a 3 part plan to clear up my blemishes which is, Cleanser, Moisturizer, and Spot treatment and honestly it really is working!
My face is fully moisturized, none of that dry patchy stuff going on, it is clearing up quickly, and redness is going away!!(slowly) lol

I used to be gluten free but since I am going to Bible college I figured since I'm not allergic I would go ahead and quit for 3 reasons.

1. I would hate to be the kid with the "problem"
2. Gluten free would cost more and I will be on a tight budget.
3. If the girls want to go get a sandwich or something or go somewhere where they don't have gluten free choices then I would have to say I cant go and I don't want gluten free to hold me back.

I am growing my hair out and it is getting so long it's down to the bottom of my waist/high hips.

I have had braces on for about 21/2 years and in April they are coming off (YAY!!!!)
I also am getting a tooth implant to replace a tooth that never came in:(
They will surgically implant a screw March,20 and 2 weeks later they will screw on the tooth.
And then I need time to get my teeth to straiten out and then the braces will come off.
Luckily since my teeth were just missing another tooth I will only have to wear a retainer at night, which is good so that I don't sound like I have a lisp during the day.
This is because my teeth have no where to spread to.

Let's turn to a nicer subject.
April,28. we are flying out to Kentucky so we can pick up a car and then slowly making our way to Texas.
I will graduate in May and am completely terrified of the SAT I have to take lol.
I know God will take care of it all.
Then we are heading to Florida to visit some old friends and I am excited to see there daughter Hannah whom I haven't seen in 6 years I think.

Then I'll spend time with some close friends in Burnett while my parents go on an anniversary trip.
I will be spending the 4th with them.

Then we head quickly to Arlington area because on the 8th I will turn 18 so I will get to spend it with my brothers, grandparents and other family.
Then in early August I will head to college and the day my parents drop me off I will say goodbye :(

I am looking forward to what God has planned for me in the future!

Have a great week!

Here are some old pics of us.
                                                                  (Joshy sleeping)

                                                            (We visited Mayberry in Carolina a couple years back and Me and Barney hit it right off) #nasadogtags
(interesting fact Floyd from the Andy Griffith show was based off of this Man who's name is Floyd.
He was a child hood friend of Andy Griffith and yes my dad had him cut his hair!)

(This man was a very close friend of Andy and back when they were growing up black people and White people couldn't go to school together and mostly didn't play together.)
He drove us in a squad car around town!

 photo nan_zpsae6ec91b.jpg

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  1. You are busy!! You will love college life. As I look back, my days in nursing school with my girl friends, meeting my future husband and learning a skill were some of the happiest of my life. Of course I have forgotten all the stressful times and the girl drama.lol