Super cute easy Tote.


To start this classic tote you will want to gather you equipment: material, pins, pen, sewing machine, and steady hands.
I got my cute material from IKEA.
I cut mine to the width I want and length wich was 15 1/4 x 19" u need 2. Of these.
I used this folder to calculate how big I needed.

I took some material 7 1/2 x 8" and made it into a pocket by folding each side and the corners I folded into the sides.
I pinned that and sewed it into the white side of 1 of the fabric sides ( since I want it on the inside of my purse)
I used the left over material for my straps and measured it to 4" so my straps(folded over) would be 2"
Next I made a solid line and cut it.

I folded it over even and sewed it inside out.
I turned the straps right side out.
I folded the ends in 1/4" and pinned
I sewed 3 rows on the strap.

Next I took each half of the purse body and pinned and sewed them.
I took the bottoms and sewed across these triangles and cut the excess off.
I then sewed the straps on at 3 1/2 inches from the side seam and 3" down
I gave them a box stitch (above)
I stitches mine in the outside (below)
And that's how you do it super simple... Super quick!;)