Golden modest Cleopatra eye tutorial and face tutorial(everyday version.


Hey girls,today I'm bringing you my golden cleopatra styled eye shadow (modest edition) and my everyday acne coverage tutorial.

1.apply your favorite nude eyeshadow or primer.
This will ensure that any visible vains will be covered and your eyeshadow will stay on mine is an off brand.

2. Next apply a deep gold eyeshadow mine is from Maybelline in Coffee drama.
I also used the highliting shade on my brow bone and inner corner.

3. Then I used my Maybelline unstoppable liner in onyx.
This I put,
Under my lashes.

4. Next comes my Maybelline line Stiletto liquid liner in ,Brownish-black.
I apply it to my lashline(very thin)

5. Lastly I ad some mascara by essence cosmetics.
Then your eyes are done!

Now for the face!

1. Apply green concealer all over your red acne spots.(mine is an off brand.
You should look like the grinch.
Smear it in.

2. Apply your favorite nude concealer on your acne spots. (Mine is Maybellines 02 nude affinitone concealer.)
Smear that in but tapping motions are best.

3. Apply powder (affinitone Maybelline powder)

4. Next I applied my Beauty uk blusher in 03-pink
I used the gilded on the apples of my cheeks and the white down my nose,my cheek bones and my cuspids bow.

That covers my acne nicely don't u think.

Now lips!!
I apply a nude liner from Maybelline.
And a red Chapstick!

And that's it!!
Check Sunday for a modest outfit suggestion!

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