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Hey girls!
I've been thinking and it's high time I made a little more use out of my blog.
I post stuff but like yesterday's pics I don't give details.

So today I am starting with my guide to Traveling and my tips and tricks.

(For a 1 week trip)


When you are getting ready for a trip to somewhere make a list of what to bring.

The list might include:

3 pairs of shoes (casual,play,and dress)
2 jean skirts(if you bring extra blouses and t-shirts you can just wear 2 skirts and switch out different combos)
5 blouses and 5 T's(extra t shirts are for relaxing)
Night clothes (make sure you know that they are suitable and modest)
7 pairs of socks (just to be safe.)
7 pairs of underwear (you never can have too many pairs of underwear especially when traveling)
At least 1 jacket
Jewelry (make sure you think wisely)
 Deodorant (make sure you bring this in you purse for those hot car rides)
Perfume(body mist is just as good)
Toothbrush and toothpaste 
About 6 hair elastics (incase any break)
Bobbie pins
Shampoo and conditioner (I don't trust those hotel ones)
Feminine products(pads etc)
Make up (don't overdo it)
Zit zapper (for us girls with acne)
Nail polish and remover(only 1 color is needed to be safe)
Phone and charger
Throw blanket
2 purses (1 for dress and 1 for casual)
A sturdy suit case 
A game (uno,phase 10,solitaire etc.)

You get the idea.
Extra close will help you I the long run so make sure not to be a space saver unless absolutely necessary.

When packing your suit case put old shoes in bags or separate compartments to keep dirt away from clothes.
Also pack toothbrush and other hygiene kind of stuff in plastic baggies.

Picking a vacation spot!

When picking a vacation spot first pick a budget and then ask a travel agent (or look on line) where you can go on your budget.
He/she will point out a few places, go home and research the weather, things to see, if it is located close to a public beach(so you can stay away)
If you aren't going alone ask the other parties opinion an preferred vacation spot.

Also ask yourself is it tourist season if so then go to a smaller town also it's nice to go in March or spring to beat the tourist.
But make sure things are open.

In the road or I the air.

If you are traveling by car then make sure you download new games and songs onto your phone ( I like the old time radio podcast)
Also bring a few games unless your driving(you don't want to get in a wreck ) make sure to use the rest room when you are at a gas station (wether you feel like going or not)

Also don't drive over 24 hours in one day stop at a hotel or motel.

If you are in a plane then you are the passenger and you can have more fun play games with siblings or children  and keep them and yourself occupied.
Sleep whenever you get a chance and don't forget to read your Bible!

Enjoying the trip!

When in Rome ,roam!
walk around town drink coffee at caf├ęs and take a ton of pictures!
Make sure you don't forget this trip ever make it memorable and enjoyable.

Go to museums and check up on the history of the town.
Go see the local hang outs and take a tour.

When eating don't go to the most crowded spots ask someone (a local) where the locals eat (you'll find it to be cheaper and more comfortable)

Take time to relax and take a nap or two you don't want to over exert yourself.

I hope you enjoyed my tips, thanks for stopping by.

Tell me something about your favorite vacation memory if like to hear.

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